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Faculty and Student Submissions

Welcome to the official online newspaper of Macon County Junior High. Here you will find school news, inspiring opinion pieces, and many interesting articles. Tiger Talk updates regularly on this website and is student-led with student-generated content that anyone attending MCJH may contribute to. Interested in writing for Tiger Talk? Please note our submission guidelines below:


Word Count: Articles should be between 300 and 1000 words. Please do not send in articles under the minimum requirement. If an article is over 1000 words, please do not hesitate to submit it, but please do not exceed 2000 words. There is an exception to poetry. Poetry doesn’t have to meet the minimum requirement.

Photos: If you would like a photo added to your article, please attach the photo(s) with your article submission. We have the right to attach a related photo to your topic if you do not submit a photo.

Timing: We publish articles weekly and accept submissions anytime during the fall and spring semesters. If you submit a seasonal piece, it will be posted according to the season/time of the year that it fits best.

Acceptable Submissions: We accept articles that report on school news, including activities of organizations and special events of all kinds. We also accept opinion pieces, school-related or otherwise. Articles that use interviews from interesting people who are relevant to the topic of the article are especially encouraged.

Fun Ideas:
– An opinion piece
– Poetry
– A fun, personal story
– An inspirational piece
– A movie/book/game review
– Student Artwork
– Student Narrative
– How to article
– … and so much more!

Student Artwork:
Artwork much be submitted on paper so that it can be scanned onto the website. Please turn this artwork in to Ms. Claywell or to the office. The dimensions can not be any larger than 8.5 x 11.0 in.

Digital artwork can also be submitted. Acceptable files formats:

  • .png (preferred with trasparent background)
  • .jpg/.jpeg

Quality: Contributors should be aware that while all submitted content will be considered, only articles that are deemed relevant and of sufficient quality will be published. Please submit your best work. Also, please keep your content appropriate. We reserve the right not to publish your piece if we do not think it is acceptable material. We will send you a reply if your piece cannot be published or if piece is published on the website.

Grammar: Tiger Talk editors will do a grammar and spell check of your work before publishing. Some of your writing may be edited and revised.

Formatting: Articles should use 12-point Times New Roman font. The article should include a (working) title, center-aligned. Below the title should be a byline, also center-aligned. This should include “by” followed by your name and your grade.

How To Send Us Your Work: We accept submissions for the online website through e-mail. Please send your articles to our adviser, Ms. Amber Claywell, at [email protected]. Please send your work in the form of a Word Document  or a Google Document. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your submission.


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Faculty and Student Submissions