Behind the Scenes of Yearbook Staff

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Kyla McKinney and Valerie Kirby

It’s that time, everyone! We are almost halfway through the school year, and it’s time to get that yearbook ordered!

Meet Editor-in-Chief, Morgan Cothron. Morgan not only designs her own pages, but she also proofs other members’ pages and serves as the Marketing Manager.

The yearbook staff is hard at work every single day to make this yearbook an amazing memento for you. These girls are very creative, and they’re doing their very best to make this year’s book interesting, fun, beautiful, and personalized to you and your classmates.

Diamond Nunez is a member of the newspaper staff, but she serves as an amazing assistant to the yearbook staff. Halie Brown is concentrating hard on her design, making sure everything looks perfect.


Making a yearbook is a ton of hard work. It’s not just slapping a few pictures on the page. There’s so much more going on behind the scenes. The yearbook members are not only required to take pictures, but they’re also required to design their own pages and keep inventory of every student in the building. That means each young lady in this club is ensuring that you are in the book! Their ultimate goal is to include you more than just your school picture.

(Left to right) 6th graders, Emma Creek and Makenzie Bandy are designing a fun intro page for their fellow 6th graders.

Each sport and club in our school will have their own page in the yearbook. There will also be pages for special events throughout the year. Some of these things include 8th grade formal, Homecoming, pep rallies, Halloween, and more! The other pages are filled with random candids, fun interviews, and surprises that you’ll have to wait to see. If you would like to be in the yearbook, don’t be shy when ones of these girls tries to take your picture!

These giggle boxes are having fun working together. Editor-in-chief, Abby Henderson (left), and Laura Bray (right) are helping Lanna Kittrell with her yearbook page.

If you are interested in buying a yearbook, here is an article that tells you everything you need to know. To sum it up, however, the yearbooks are only $45, but you can personalize it with your name for a extra $2.00. Cover personalization must be ordered by February 1st, 2020. Otherwise, you can order your amazing, memory-filled yearbook by March 1st, 2020.

To purchase one of these creative yearbooks, you can either send the envelope located at the bottom of the order form that was sent home at the beginning of the year with cash or a check payable to Macon County Junior High School, or you can order online at From there, you will enter the school code: 43816S.

(Left to right) Maggie Krumme and Amelia Pedigo focus on their work. Maggie is busy designing a Halloween page; meanwhile, Amelia is working on a page for our incredible faculty.

The yearbook staff is working very hard to make this a wonderful collection of memories, so you should definitely buy one. Yearbooks are full of fun and are a great way to remember the school year.