How To Carve a Pumpkin


Marley Skahl

Now that it’s spooky season, it’s common for people to carve funny, creepy, or even adorable jack-o-lanterns for an even better experience on Halloween. Carving pumpkins is a great activity for a Halloween party, some fun family time, or even just to set a mood for trick-or-treaters! If you are new to this tradition or are unsure of the proper steps to a better looking pumpkin, follow these easy steps to a brighter Halloween night!

1. Choose the perfect pumpkin for your creative design!

Picking the right pumpkin is crucial to fit the design that you want. It’s your pumpkin so get however big or small you want it!


2. Cut off the crown!

The “crown” on the pumpkin is the top part around the stem. Simply cut a circle all around the stem using a serrated knife and take out the top. This allows you to get inside the pumpkin!

3. Scoop out the “guts”

Using a big spoon makes a painless way to get more of the seeds and discard out of the pumpkin. Hollowing out the pumpkin as much as you can is key to a cleaner looking pumpkin

4. Draw on an outline of your design

Draw on the perfect design and make sure that it’s just right! Tip: Use an expo marker to easily fix mistakes or change anything in your design to make it better!

5. Cut it out!

Using a small serrated knife, cut along the out line of your design! Make sure to cut away from yourself in case the knife slips. This step can be pretty dangerous and difficult so if you have to, get an adult to help!

6. Finishing touches!

Clean up the design to be sure that it’s just the way you want it. Place in a tea light candle (or an actual small candle) and replace the crown on top to illuminate the night with your very own master piece!


Hopefully this helped you to the proper and painless way to carve a pumpkin. I encourage you to gather your friends and family, and have a happy Halloween!