MCJH Phone Policy: Why It Should Change

MCJH Phone Policy: Why It Should Change

Sadie Fraser

I think the phone policy at this school is outrageous: 

– If teachers or staff even hear your phone, you can get written up. 

The rules for phones say even if your phone is not powered off, you are still eligible to get written up. So, you can be just minding your own business in class, but suddenly your phone goes off, you weren’t on it, you haven’t even touched it since you left the house, yet you still get written up. 

-You can also be written up if any staff just sees your phone, even if it’s just the outline in your pocket.

Even if we aren’t allowed on them, I think it’s dumb that we can’t keep them on us, of course you can keep it in your backpack, but even your backpack is sometimes unattended. 

-Teachers are allowed on their phones while students are not.

When there is nothing going on in class, teachers never fail to pull out their phones. Teachers’ phones go off in class all the time, but when ours do so it’s a “distraction.” 

-We’re not even allowed on them during breaks or free time.

This is probably the subject that makes me the most frustrated. I get that in class they don’t want us to be distracted by our phones. But at lunch? In between classes? Or special days such as when we go outside or have extended lunch. Why is there any reason we can’t be on our phones at these times? 

The phone policy really just makes no sense and should definitely be thought over and changed in the future.