Secrets in the Shadows: Chapter Five

Haeley Gibbs

It was mid-afternoon. I’d been searching for Katie’s house, but Michael kept distracting me, causing me to go the wrong way. “Will you just go away?” I demanded. He stopped talking immediately. I stopped at the grocery store. “We’re going in circles because of you.” I groaned.

He just shrugged. “At least I get to talk to you longer.” Anger rushed through me, and I couldn’t help myself. “You completely ditched me in middle school. Besides, I don’t like you anymore!” I yelled. My fists were clenched tight. I was tired of him, tired of everything.

“Just go home.” I said, calming down. His face was a mixture of anger, sadness, and confusion. He bit his lip. “Well, if you don’t want me to apologize, then I’ll leave you alone.” he spat bitterly. I rolled my eyes.

When I turned around to head the direction I thought was the correct way, I thought about all the memories we had in sixth and seventh grade. “All that is gone now.” I scolded myself. I got a couple stares from other people, but at least they didn’t care that I was glowing.

A dog started barking in the distance. That bark sounded familiar. “Olivia, over here!” said a voice. I glanced up to see Katie standing on her porch smiling. She had made it home! I did a quick jog and hugged her tight.

“I’m so glad you’re alive!” we squealed at the same time. We giggled. “What took you so long?” she demanded. I explained the whole story from me turning immortal, getting lost, and pushing Michael away. “I know that was hard for you to do, but you did the right thing.” she stated once I finished.

Her mom opened the door and let me in. The smell of food wafted in the air. “Are you hungry, darling? You look like you haven’t eaten in days.” I nodded in response to her mom. We all sat down together. Once dinner was done, Katie and I went to her room. I glanced around the room.

Her room had changed since I’d last been there. Katie was lying on her bed smiling. “You saved my life back there.” she said. I nodded. “I’d do anything for you.” A rock suddenly landed beside my foot. The window was broken, and a figure was running into the woods.

Katie jerked up and grabbed the rock. I shook my head signaling for her not to. She grumbled. “I’m done chasing Michael around the place. We should get some rest and talk about it tomorrow.” I warned her. She sighed and pulled her pajamas on.

We laid down and stretched our legs. I hadn’t rested for two days straight, and I was already exhausted. Sleep drowned out the noise of dishes being put up. Soon, my eyes closed, and sleep overpowered me.