Monsters Are Real


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Spooky Halloween characters are gathered on a creepy party night!

Haeley Gibbs

CRINGE WARNING: I made this story in 2021, so it’s not the best. I have warned you.

“Arg! Why does summer even exist?” Kourtney complained. I sighed and said, “You’re always complaining about something.” It was, in fact, a hot summer day, but did you see me complaining? “Maybe if you just rub your popsicle in your face you’ll feel better.” I continued. Kourtney stared at me like rubbing a popsicle in your face wasn’t normal.

“Whatever, I can just go inside.” Kourtney stated plainly. Kourtney got up, walked to the front porch, and slammed the door behind her. Whatever. I thought as I rolled my eyes. I got down from the shady tree limb and started down the road. If Kourtney was being rude, then I was going home. Minutes ticked as the sun grew hotter. Soon, I was so hot, I thought I would melt if I took another step.

I sat on a wooden bench and watched the cars drive by. They had nice air conditioning and cool seats. “If only I had a car.” After all, I was 17 and allowed to drive. I hopped up and ran the rest of the way to an abandoned town. I glanced around, just to be sure no one was following me. Once the coast was clear, I ran into an alleyway that led to the dark forest.

“Don’t worry, you can come out now.” I said. The bushes shook as a sleek, gray wolf approached me. He smiled. “Thank you for being careful. I’m really hoping the cops don’t find you.” the wolf worriedly stated. I scanned the woods. “Can you tell me the story of how I got here again?” I asked. The wolf laughed and led me to a calm stream.

“Well, you were outside of a burning house while your parents lay in their rooms crying. They were stuck inside with no way out. I saw you and thought I could adopt you. Once I grabbed you- which I held you in my mouth because you were just 2 months old- a cop tried to find you to take you to an orphanage. He wanted you to be adopted by a family you barely knew!”

I stared at a patch of clovers gloomily. “Kilo, isn’t it dangerous in the woods?” I questioned. Kilo observed the scenery around us and let out a long sigh. He nodded with sadness. “I want to keep you safe though.” Kilo mumbled. I shook my head. “I could get seriously hurt.” I said. He tried to take my hand, but missed, as I ran towards the noises of cars and birds.

The thing is, once I got to the edge, I saw a shadow lurking around. “Who’s there?” I demanded. A pale hand grabbed my arm. I jerked my hand away and fell to the ground. I tried to leave the woods again, but again, I fell back down. What is going on!? I looked at the pale hand with terror. It slithered away, but I knew that wouldn’t be the last time I saw the strange creature.

This time, a foot stepped out of the shadows. Then, a human-like creature was standing before me. It was as pale as birch wood and was very skinny. Its mouth was a nice rose color. Soon, I realized: Vampire! I turned towards the stream and ran. Before I leaped across the stream, I was jerked back. I was staring at the sky for a split second before blackness entered my vision.

I blinked multiple times when I regained consciousness. I was floating? I pinched my arm to make sure it wasn’t a dream. Cold hands were holding me as we flew through a cloud. I gazed at the beautiful stars until a voice spoke. “So, you’re awake. Maybe next time you’ll know not to run.” I looked closely but couldn’t see anything around me.

“Well, that won’t do any good. I’m invisible.” it spoke again. I whimpered. “W-where are you t-taking me?” I asked, petrified. “You are going to meet someone.” it said once more before keeping silent. A cave came up in sight and blocked the sunrise. Soon, I was inside standing beside a thousand monsters. Vampires wore dark black cloaks, werewolves growled, and floating clothes crouched low.

Only one creature stood out to me: a devil. He was as tall as me and had dark red wings. He wasn’t completely red, for he was the only one that looked like a human. Once I entered, I felt a spark around my legs. A werewolf was in his 4-legged form. He was sprinkling dust on me! I pulled away just as I saw a golden light.

Soon, I had angel-like wings, a dark halo, and a pale blue dress. “It is her. She is the one from the prophecy.” the devil said. He held my hands gently. I immediately fell in love with him. “What is your name?” he asked kindly. I smiled. “Um…May.” I shyly answered. He smiled back. “My name is Trevor.”

I giggled hesitantly. I didn’t really know anybody, but I knew this was my soulmate. I realized that I had a ring on my finger. Trevor glanced at it and said, “Touch it. You will then know which angel you really are.” I tapped it once. I vanished from the cave and looked around a completely white room. I was alone in this strange place.

A big machine with a lever stood behind me. I pulled down the lever. Two monsters popped up. A werewolf named Axel and a vampire woman named Lily stood on each side with a heart in the middle of the screen. I glanced at the top and realized it said “Monster Cupid’s Love Machine”.

I laughed. I’m a cupid angel! I read about them in books from the library- which I had stolen. I tapped the ring again and was back inside the cave standing beside Trevor. I looked towards the crowd and called, “Axel and Lily are soulmates!” Two monsters came up front and waved. They hugged tightly and walked out of the cave.

They suddenly turned to humans! “Once a monster finds its soulmate, and leaves the cave, they turn human forever. You are here to get rid of all the monsters that come. I find monsters and bring them here.” Trevor told me. For the rest of the day, I sorted out the monsters with their loved ones until just me and Trevor remained.

I smiled and tapped the ring again. Once I came back from my thoughts, I squeezed him tight. He smiled, for he knew what I saw on the machine. We leaped out of the cave and landed on the solid ground. We stood for a second, looking around at the beautiful scenery. Trevor finally broke the silence. “You know, since the second I saw you, I knew you were my one and only.”

He continued, “I wouldn’t let you die, and no other boy can love you like I do. I hope you feel the same.” I smiled happily. We walked towards the town. Once we reached the city boundaries, we glanced around for a hotel just so we wouldn’t be left alone in the dark. Of course, neither one of us had a home.

“Ever since I met you, I’ve liked you. You have an awesome personality.” I told him. He chuckled as we walked along the sidewalk. People passed by. They didn’t know what just happened. Suddenly, a boy bumped into us. He took one look at me and pushed me behind him.

“Hey, just wanna let you know that she’s mine.” he said. I glared at him. I tried to walk back over to Trevor, but the boy pushed me back causing me to fall on the hard concrete. I winced in pain as the boy turned to look at me. “Hey!” Trevor yelled at him. He turned around as Trevor punched him in the nostrils.

I watched in horror as fists flew. I tried to get up and help, but my body hurt so much. Soon, the boy’s body was right beside me. Trevor lifted me up. When he let go of my hand, I almost collapsed! He frowned and lifted me back up. This time, he took my hand. We walked the rest of the way to the hotel without any fights.

We found a room and sat down on the couch watching a movie. I glanced at him with a worried, but happy, smile. “You know, I like how you stood up for me. It makes me feel safe around you.” I mumbled. He looked at me with shock. “You do?” I giggled and nodded. He hugged me again. As the movie ended, we sat on the couch.

We walked out into the balcony and stared at the night sky. The stars glimmered their brightest. “It is true.” I told him. He smiled. A shooting star shot by as I made a wish. As soon as the star disappeared, my wish came true. Trevor took one look at me, and we had the kiss of a lifetime.