Author of the Week: Mary Pope Osborne

Author of the Week: Mary Pope Osborne

Haeley Gibbs

Most known for The Magic Tree House series, Mary Osborne was born on May 20 in 1949. She is currently alive at the age of 73.


Mary was raised with her sister and brothers in a military family. Due to her father’s job, she was forced to move constantly. Finally, once her father retired, they settled in North Carolina.

When she was able to go to university, she went to the University of North Carolina. She studied drama there, but religion seemed to take over her junior year. Mary ended up going on a trip, but she had to end it shortly after she got blood poisoning. She stayed in the hospital for nearly two weeks, while also reading Lord of the Rings.

She moved to California, Washington D.C. (this is where she met her future husband, Will. They got married in 1976.), and New York.

Fun Facts

  • Mary went camping in a cave for six weeks with her friend.
  • She wrote over 60 children’s books.
  • In 1992, she received a Diamond State Reading Association award.
  • Her husband, Will, inspired most of her writing.