Should We Be Able to Eat in Every Class?

Should We Be Able to Eat in Every Class?

Sadie Fraser

Have you ever been hungry in class, but you can’t eat until your next class because your teacher says no?

Have you ever had a time when you wake up and want to eat breakfast but never get the time to eat something? Everyone is always hungry when they enter the classroom and can never concentrate. We try to ask the teacher if we can eat something, but they always say no.

Do you think teachers should be able to say no?

When students buy food before class, they should be able to eat it right? Wrong. There are certain teachers who ban ALL food in the classroom. Me personally, I don’t think teachers should be allowed to tell me not to eat. Some teachers say it’s to benefit the janitors, or to reduce distraction. However, being hungry in class will make you more distracted. Also, if teachers do not allow beverages in their classroom, it can even lead to worse problems, like dehydration.

Other’s excuses are different. Some teachers, when you ask to eat, will say, “you just had lunch,” or, “just wait until lunch,” but if you bought food to eat right before lunch, you should be able to eat it whenever you want, lunch coming up should not be a reason you can’t.

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