Author of the Week: Stephen King


At the age of 75, Stephen King (pronounced like Steven) is still a popular book writer. You may know him for his horror, supernatural fiction, crime, suspense, and many other fiction stories.


Stephen King was born in 1947 on September 21. Portland, Maine was his birthplace. When Stephen hit the age of 2, his father left. His mother was forced to raise him and his older brother, David, by herself.

They moved to Chicago and depended on their family members that lived there. When Stephen finally turned 11, he moved to Durham, Maine. There, his mom cared for her parents before they died. Although he was raised as a Methodist, he lost faith in high school. He then started to believe in God.

Some say the death of his friend inspired some of his darker stories, but he had no memory of his friend dying. Stephen King graduated high school in Lisbon Falls, Maine, and while in school, he began writing stories. He went to the University of Maine in 1966, and he graduated as a Bachelor of Arts in English in 1970.

Fun Facts

  • Stephen King is known as the “King of Horror”.
  • King based his stories off of movies and sent the books to his friends, but once his teachers found out, he was forced to return the profits.
  • Stephen has worked as a janitor, a laundry worker, and a gas-station attendant.
  • Stephen King married the girl of his dreams, Tabitha Spruce, in 1971.