4-H Farm Day


Colton Parrish, Writer

On Friday, September 27th, 4th grade students in Macon County took a field trip to the fairgrounds. 4-H was holding an event called Farm Day so that they could teach these students all about agriculture.

Macon County students from MCHS, MCJH, and RBS attended Farm Day as group leaders and presenters. MCJH Farm Day participants were (back row, l-r:) Kenley Roark, Colton Parrish, Hayes Polston, Hunter Griggs (front row, l-r:) Markus Jones, Kyra White, Emma Parrish, Carson Green, and Jacob Willis.

During this 4-H event, 4th graders walked from booth to booth to learn about what 4-H is and why it is important. Group leaders led 4th graders around to each booth. For example, there was a booth for dairy, pigs, goats, horses, and sheep. There was also booths about crops such as soy beans, corn, and wheat. Lastly, there was a booth just about Junior 4-H camp. This booth informed the students about what you can do at 4-H camp during the summer.

Because students become eligible for 4-H in 4th grade, the purpose of this event was to teach these upcoming students about what they can do in 4-H and to encourage them to join this awesome club.

For lunch, the Cattlemen’s Association provided us with a steak sandwich, baked beans, and cookies. It was so good, and we were so appreciative of the wonderful meal.

At the end of Farm Day, many group leaders and booth workers stayed to clean up. Farm Day was so much fun to work at. Not only did we get a chance to get out of school, but we also got to practice our public speaking and leadership skills as we led the groups around and taught them about what we do.

Are you wishing you could be a part of this? If so, there’s great news. You can still join 4-H even after 4th grade! If you are interested in joining 4-H, you can go to the 4-H Extension Office located off the square to sign up. We would love for you to join in on all the fun!