School Lunches


Sadie Fraser

(This article is personal opinion)(Also not meant to offend anyone, I am so greatful we get fed everyday and the lunch ladies deserve thanks!)

Are you excited for the meal we’re eating today at school? Chances are you said no. Why doesn’t anyone like school lunches?

Here at MCJH we got pretty lucky with free lunches and all, but with the school not making money off lunches, the lunch budget is probably pretty low. This explains why the high school kids get so many more options for food and more food at lunch than we do. Because our high school has to pay for lunch. I believe school lunches can be good depending on what the meal is. For example, I like when we have nachos, but we don’t have them much. The school does a great job on keeping up with lunches and our lunch ladies are probably overworked, so I do appreciate all the free meals we get here.

However, some meals are… questionable.

Some people don’t like the lunches just because of the way they taste, but I think there are some other reasons too. For one, sometimes the food isn’t very hot. Me being an eighth grader, we eat lunch last, so as the food sits out for an hour, it gets kind of cold. Has anyone else noticed that sometimes theĀ  meat they serve looks a little.. weird, like, maybe the wrong color? Or, you get salad and there’s brown spots on the lettuce. I remember two years ago, when I was in sixth grade, there was a big crisis because the milk and orange juice they served at breakfast were expired. I think serving milk with lunch is a big problem, half the time it’s frozen, it’s way too small of a carton, and shouldn’t we get water as an option? I mean, I know they sell water but come on, free food and not free water? No one really even drinks the milk. Plus if they just served water they wouldn’t have to worry about it expiring.

All in all, I think its great that we get food provided to us, but I think there could definitely be improvements.