Author of the Week: Charles Dickens

Author of the Week: Charles Dickens

Haeley Gibbs

An English writer that goes by the name Charles Dickens wrote “A Christmas Carol”, “Great Expectations”, “Sunday Under Three Heads”, and many other novels. He was born on February 7 in 1812.


Although Charles Dickens was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, he moved to Chatham when he was a mere infant. This is where he spent the happiest time of his childhood. In 1822, he lived in London, but once 1860 arrived, he was living in a country house near Chatham. He went to school until a sudden bankruptcy, and being the eldest son, he soon started to manually work in a factory.

Sadly, his father went to jail due to debt, and the shock overwhelmed poor Charles. His life began to inspire his love for writing, but his mother had wished for him to stay in the factory until his father’s release. She wanted him to continue school once they got their riches back, but Charles father’s view triumphed.

Once he became 15, his education ended once more, and he became a clerk in a solicitor’s office. After many jobs, he finally became a parliamentary and newspaper reporter like the rest of his family. While working for this job, his love for journalism grew.

Fun Facts

  • He never really understood women.
  • He almost became a professional actor.
  • Charles married a woman named Catherine and had nine loving children.