Four-Eyed Fern

Four-Eyed Fern

Haeley Gibbs

Fern needed glasses. There was no denying it. Her dad had taken her to the eye doctor after she told him she couldn’t see the whiteboard from the front of her 6th grade class.

“You’ll see a lot better after you get glasses.” Her father encouraged.

She crossed her arms and huffed. The doctor walked over with a nervous smile. He gave her a black case, and inside was a pair of cloudy white glasses. She admired their beauty, but what would the kids at school think?

“I’m not wearing them. Kids are going to make fun of me!” She said angrily.

Her father rubbed her shoulder. Not another word was said as her dad bought the glasses, and they walked to the car. Once they got home, Fern’s dad started to cook her favorite dinner, but she stormed upstairs to her room. The glasses did help her see better, though. She wrote down some letters on a piece of paper and hung it up on a wall.

Then, she stood as far away as possible and tried to read them. She read all of them with no mistakes! A sudden knock on the door spooked her, but she called for them to come in. Her dad stood in the doorway.

“Dinner is ready, sweetie.” He said.

She forgot all about her anger, and she hurried past her dad and back down the stairs. He followed closely behind. He chuckled a little as she washed her hands at the kitchen sink and sat down.

“Where did this rush of energy come from?” He asked as he poured the chicken noodle soup into her bowl.

She shrugged and started wolfing down her meal. He grabbed her sleeve when she jumped up.

“I’m going to bed, goodnight.” She chirped.

He still held onto her sleeve. He got up from his chair and hugged her tightly.

“I’m glad you like them princess.” He muttered into her shirt.

She smiled warmly then skipped up the stairs. She quickly changed into her pj’s and leaped into bed. Her favorite bear seemed to understand her excitement, for when she flopped down, it slowly rolled closer to her. Tomorrow, she would be able to show all her friends and teachers her new glasses. Tomorrow would be a great day.


Don’t ever be afraid to show your true self. If you need to wear glasses, then show it proudly.