National Dessert Month


Audrey Patterson

I think that one thing that we all have in common is that we all love desserts!! No, not the sandy kind, I mean the sweet kind! For example, cake, ice-cream, candy, and there is so much more!! And don’t get me started on all the different flavors! There is chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mint, confetti, butter-pecan, and flavors galore! There are thousands of different desserts that you could choose from. One famous dessert is donuts! Donuts originally are from New York. One donut brand we all know and love is Krispy Kreme!  There are so many different sweets in the world, and so many more to try!!

Dessert Q&A

Q- What is your favorite type of dessert??

A- Ice-Cream (Kaylin Talley)


Q- What is your favorite flavor of cake??

A- Strawberry (Ashley Hackett)


Q- How often do you eat sweets??

A- “Probably 3 times a week” (Caylee Driver)


Q- What is your favorite candy??

A- “Probably Reeses” (Amber Claywell)


Q- Where is your favorite place to get sweets??

A- Dairy Queen (Camryn McConnell)