How To Stay Positive

How To Stay Positive

Sadie Fraser

Us humans, well lets just say, we are not the best at being positive. With everything going on in our lives, it’s hard to stay positive sometimes. That’s why I have some things, for you to do, to help you look at the brighter side of things.

Spreading Kind Words

Even if you are saying it to someone other than yourself, saying kind words to someone can have a big impact on how you talk to yourself. If you tell people their outfit looks good, or that their eyes are pretty, if you are just constantly spreading positive words, it’s going to make you feel like you did something right.


If you go around frowning all the time, looking tired and worn out, of course you’re going to feel that way. Just flashing someone a smile, or laughing at a joke, can make you feel better. If you go around smiling your days will just generally be better.

“Well, On The Bright Side”

You may think this is something your parents say just so you will stop complaining, but looking at the good side of things can improve how you feel as well. If  you fail at something and all you do is feel sorry for yourself, you aren’t going to have any confidence to do anything else. So, maybe instead of wallowing in self pity, try telling yourself maybe it just wasn’t something you are good at. And, if you want it to be something you are good at, just keep trying, devote yourself to learn it.

Speaking Positive

You may be at home looking in the mirror and calling yourself ugly, but if you keep doing that, you will stay that way forever. If you call yourself lazy, or say that you aren’t capable of anything, then it is going to become true. On the other hand, if you are speaking good about the way you look, how productive you are, or telling yourself you can do it, you will start believing it and become more positive towards yourself.


If you are focused on just a few things there will be a lot less stress in your life. People now tend to throw everything on themselves and stress about it. However, if you are focused on things you really care about, it is less likely that this will happen.

P.S. (Love y’all, stay positive.)