Cross Country


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Time to turn into the flash

Haeley Gibbs

Have you ever heard the saying “Our sport is your punishment”? This quote comes from cross country. Cross country is a running sport, and when I say running, I don’t mean track. Although track is very similar, cross country is distance running, while track is not. In cross country, you stretch, warm up, run, then do a cool down. Middle school is expected to run two miles without walking! In other sports, if you’re in trouble, you have to run. In cross country, that’s all they do.

Running can help build up your strength and endurance. Although you can’t get a degree in cross country, it can help keep your mind off things. It’s actually not that bad to run everyday. Sadly, the season is over, but if you want to join, next year will be a great opportunity. The following people ran this past year, so if you want to know more, try chatting with them.

  • Kayden Presley(8th)
  • Landon Presley(6th)
  • Brayden Leftrick(8th)
  • Kohl Barber(8th)
  • Ace Meador(6th)
  • Ryan Alvis(8th)
  • Troy Wix(8th)
  • Gage Willis(8th)
  • Jacob Eakles(8th)

There’s plenty more boys, for they seem to enjoy running more than girls. The girls are:

  • Sydney Green(8th)
  • Peyton Benge(8th)
  • Abby Hire(7th)
  • Haeley Gibbs(8th)
  • Sadie Gammon(8th)
  • Addison Whittemore(7th)
  • Molly Rearick(7th)

As I said, there’s plenty more girls and boys on the past cross country team, almost too many to count. These fellow people enjoy running, and the eighth graders might even run in high school. It’s a really good sport once you start to practice.