2022 Homecoming Football Game


On September 15th, 2022, the Macon County Junior High held its 31st annual homecoming game. Leading up to the game, the MCJH Tigers have been practicing hard for their redemption against Gordonsville. 

Do they think their aggressive practice will pay off? Linebacker Brennon Flowers thinks it will. A number of his teammates agree with this claim.

Is the team confident in their ability to push through a win for their community? Number 22, Michael Shaver, one of the team captains, speaks for the whole team when he says, “100%. Our confidence is through the roof.”

What are the overall opinions that the Tigers have of their rivals, Gordonsville? Brayden Hasse, the other team captain says, “They are well coached and trained, have great physicality, and their defense is strong.”

Over the course of the game, Macon County scored a total of 40 points, overcoming Gordonsville by 34 points, leaving their opponents at 6 points. The first touchdown of the game was scored by #3, Brennan Flowers, who also had the leading number of tackles in the game, at nine tackles. He also had the most rushing yards. The second touchdown for the MCJH Tigers was scored by Anthony Johnson. Next, Brennan Flowers, once again scored a six-yard touchdown. After that, Hunter Presley scored their fourth touchdown of the night. Then, despite everything against them, Gordonsville scored their first touchdown. The last touchdown of the night was scored by Seventh Grader, Lane Oliver.  After the game, Macon County was thrilled with the victory and was overall proud of their players. The chosen star players, nominated by their fellow teammates, are Brennan Flowers and Xavier Bentley.

      Was the football team expecting to win but by so much? Xavier Bently speaks for the entire team when he says, “No.”

    Was the football players’ morale boosted by the Homecoming Ceremony? The quarterback Hunter Jones responded with “Yes, however, it could be a distraction to some; however, most of us were able to focus afterward.”

      Was the team proud of themselves and their performance? #30 Trey Gann said, “Yes, we are very proud of our players and how we played.”

    Overall the Macon County Junior High 2022 Homecoming Football Game was a big success for the Tigers.