Author of the Week: James Patterson


Haeley Gibbs

James Patterson is a famous American writer, originally from Newburgh, New York. He wrote “Hawk”, “Ali Cross”, “When the Wind Blows”, and many more. He is currently 75 years old, alive and well, and he was born on March 22, 1947.


Charles Patterson and Isabelle Patterson were two proud parents of a baby boy, which they decided to name James Patterson. Once he got a bit older, his whole family moved to Boston. It might shock you when I say he never enjoyed reading when he was in high school. After studying for his B.A. in English, he realized reading was entertaining, and after some encouragement, he started to write. Although he went to Vanderbilt University in Tennessee, he quit after a year, for he thought his studies would make his interest in reading decrease.

He became a junior copywriter in 1971. Once he hit the age of 26, he wrote his first book. It was rejected by a little bit over 30 publishers before being actually published in 1976. You may have heard of this famous author, but he received the “Edgar Allen Poe” for the first best novel from the “Mystery Writers of America”.

Fun Facts

  • He was refused a job as a cab driver because of his long hair.
  • His girlfriend, Jane, died from brain tumor, causing him to get high blood pressure and quit writing for a few years.
  • He loves Peter Pan.