Fallout Four


Chandler Sullivan


The Story

In Fallout 4, you start out in the bathroom and you can customize your character’s gender,face,scars,and body. You have to go to vault 111 to wait out the nuclear explosion and then you get cryogenically frozen for 210 years. you wake up to your spouse dead and your child Shuan gone. You go find the man that killed your wife and stole your son the man’s name is kellogg.In most of the endings you blow up the institute with a bomb planted to the reactor. In the Institute ending you find and kill all of the rival factions like the Brotherhood of Steel and the Railroad.



You start by choosing the stats in S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Which stands for Strength,Perception,Endurance,Charisma, Intelligence,Agility,Luck. Each point you put into a certain thing makes you better or worse at something. When you level up you get to choose a new perk but you have to have the amount of level and you have to have a certain amount of special points.



The Piezonucleic Torso is one of the only individual power armor pieces that are unique in Fallout 4. This piece of armor is a quest reward for completing the mission “Cambridge Polymer Labs.”The marine armor set is one of the strongest normal armor sets in the game and is only available to players who downloaded the Far Harbor DLC. While this armor set is rather heavy, it boasts almost unrivaled defenses, especially if a player takes the time to upgrade the set to the assault marine armor variant.



The Overseer’s Guardian is arguably the best weapon in all of Fallout 4. It can be modified to suit how you play and it can even fire an additional projectile without costing you a bullet. This makes it a hefty, damage-inducing piece of hardware that you’ll want to have with you when you’re alone in the wasteland.



In Fallout 4, the enemies can range from oversized insects to killer robots. The enemies carry a range of different weapons and some enemies are legendary which means they drop a legendary weapon which has special effects but the enemy has two health bars and they mutate when you get their health low enough. Some of the enemies level with you which means when you level up they level up and get stronger.



Fallout four made $750,000,000. Also released by American video game producer Bethesda Studios, Fallout 4 sold more copies and made more money than Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, selling 1.5 million copies during its first twenty-four hours of release.


Fun Facts

  • Fallout four is set in the year 2287
  • deathclaws were derived from a mixed animal stock, primarily the popular Jackson’s Chameleon.
  • Mythic deathclaws are the highest non-legendary tier of all deathclaw variants and can be encountered starting from level 91. On rare occasions, they can be encountered from level 75, though bugs have caused them to spawn as early as level 24 outside of the Starlight Drive In.