Robbie Coltrane’s Death


Haeley Gibbs

Robbie Coltrane, or better know as Rubeus Hagrid from Harry Potter, passed on October 14, 2022. He was born on March 30, 1950, but he sadly past at the age of 72. His British agent, Belinda Wright, confirmed he died in the hospital. Fortunately, he was able to star in all 8 Harry Potter movies before time had caught up to him.


After being born on March 30, in Rutherglen, Scotland, he studied drawing and painting. Later, he enrolled in the Glasgow School of Art. He was upset when he realized all the ideas in his head weren’t on a canvas. Once he realized he could never become a painter, he decided to act in the play “The Dumb Waiter”. This encouraged him to later become a famous star. Once he was older, he moved to London and became a stand-up comedian. He became Dr. Edward Fitzgerald in the series “Cracker”, and he was rewarded with the BAFTA award for best TV actor in 1994 and for two years after.

Once he was cast as Rubeus Hagrid in the popular Harry Potter movie series, he realized that nothing could compete with this new fame. The younger actors of this movie series said they could have their spirits lifted by this lovable actor. What really encouraged others was when he said this following sentence: “The legacy of the movies is that my children’s generation will show them to their children, so you could be watching it in 50 years’ time, easy. I’ll not be there, sadly, but Hagrid will, yes.”

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