Behind the Curtain of Lies: Chapter Eleven

Haeley Gibbs

(“Behind the Curtain of Lies” has come to an end, so I hope you enjoy the final chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it!)

I never thought my life would end up like this. I was only seventeen after all. I never even got to tell Alec how I really felt. Jessie and Jacob got together shortly after the accident. It makes me cry just thinking about it. They’re all twenty-three now. It’s been six years. Sadly, I’m still seventeen. Why? I’m… dead. Jessie finally let Jacob go after the cops pulled her father off me. Alec was holding my hand crying. Jacob and Jessie were with Alec, Jessie crying into Jacob’s shoulder. I couldn’t do anything.

As I said before, I’m dead. They all came to my funeral. My dad was the most hurt. He didn’t get to see me that much due to work. I so badly wanted to comfort them, tell them I was still there, just a ghost. That’s not what I had in mind, though. I went straight to Alec’s house and left a note. I soon left, and yet I still don’t know if he ever got it. This is my final goodbye. My old relatives are calling for me in Heaven. My journey on this Earth is over. Just like Jacob said, “My fate has come! Goodbye cruel world…”