Behind the Curtain of Lies: Chapter Ten

Haeley Gibbs

I grabbed the phone while my mom talked to Jessie. Alec was sitting in the kitchen chair beside me. The phone rang for a split second, then they answered. “Child, if you call one more time I’m going to fire myself.” The man answered jokingly. I rolled my eyes. “We have your convict, the real murderer, and a drunkard.” He fell silent. I could hear the other cops running around in the background. “I think he just left.” Alec stated while picking at his nails. I shrugged and hung up. “Why didn’t you say the address?”

I laughed. “He knows where I live. He’s my dad.” His jaw dropped and I laughed even more. “Let’s go talk to Jessie.” We made our way to the living room just as sirens parked into our driveway. Their department wasn’t very far. I nudged Jessie, and we all headed outside. Grace was barking her head off trying to break the chain we tied her to. Jessie goes to the closest officer and explains everything she told us. We head over to the chief, or better yet, my dad. “Any bodies this time?” I shook my head. “My friend, Jessie, is the murderer. It’s not her fault though.”

He holds my shoulder. “We have to arrest her if she’s the problem.” I grumbled. “Her dad is drunk and keeps asking her to kill people. Let her explain everything, then you’ll be on my side.” he chuckled to himself and made his way over to Jessie. Alec pushed me to the ground as a knife glided through the wind! I looked beside me to see a lock of my hair was cut off. I quickly stood up and stared at Jessie’s father. He’s the mastermind of all of this. Alec tried to check me, but I bolted.

Just like the first time, my legs took control. I’m running at him like a charging bull. “Try me, kid!” he screamed. I feel like my eardrums are going to bleed. How loud can this man get? I launched at his stomach. Soon, he’s on the ground trying to get up. “I have you pinned!” He chuckled and went limp. I won’t fall for this trick again. I kicked the knife away from his hand, grabbed it, and pinned it to his throat. Guess I should’ve thought harder.

I’m thrown to the ground as the man leaps forward. He gets on top of me and puts his hands around my throat. His hands are so tight, I can’t even manage to breathe. I hear screaming from both Alec and Jacob. Jessie is pulling Jacob back, crying. Jacob would be too weak to stop him anyways. Where is Alec? He grins and laughs like a maniac. “You won’t live to see another day!” I try to pull his big hands off me, but he’s too strong. The last word I manage to say is “Alec!”