Halloween: Why We Celebrate

Halloween: Why We Celebrate

Sadie Fraser

Many believe Halloween is just a fun holiday we came up with, but there is a lot of unknown background about Halloween. So, strap in folks, it’s about to get spooky!

Halloween’s traditions started off as a little festival named Samhain, this was when people would dress up and light bonfires to ward off, what they called ghosts.

Before Halloween was even thought of there was a man, the pope, called Pope Gregory III. He came up with a holiday, that would be celebrated on November 1st, to honor all of the saints. He named it All Saints Day, and it soon adopted traditions from Samhain. The day before this celebration day, October 31st, was known as All Hallow’s Eve.

American colonists are the main reason for Halloween being celebrated. In America, for All Hallow’s Eve, people would have something they called “play parties”, which were private parties to celebrate the harvest in the fall. People would dress in costumes, read each other’s fortunes, and tell scary stories.

Over time, these traditions morphed into the Halloween we know and love today. So, are you ready for Halloween?