National Burger Month

National Burger Month

Brayden Mccoy

National Burger Month takes place in the month of May. It is the busiest grilling season of the year.In 1993, White Castle founded National Hamburger Month supporting burgers all  month long.The name hamburger was derived from the Hamburger steaks brought to the USA by German immigrants.Today people celebrate America’s most iconic food.                 

5 Fun Facts About Hamburgers

-If you love getting burgers from the popular McDonald’s, then you must know that it holds a record of selling 300 billion burgers to date.The company sells more than 75 burgers every second.

-Amercans consume about 50-billion burgers a year. They eat hamburgers at least twice a week.

-The first burger was sold in 1921. It was only 5 cents back then.

-Burgers were first invented in New Haven,Connecticut. Actually, the place where burgers came from only sold  cheese,onions, and tomatoes banning ketchup,mustard, and mayo from even touching it.

-Did you know, The burger was originally called ´´Deutsches Beefsteak´´,German for ´´German Beefsteak´

-In 1916 Walter  Anderson, a fry cook, invented the hamburger bun. He was also someone who co-founded White Castle five years later. There is a hamburger hall of fame in Seymour, Wisconsin.

Making Hamburgers

Want to learn how to make a delicious hamburger at home? Then watch these videos to learn step by step on how to.