Monkey Pox


Haeley Gibbs

2022 hasn’t been going as expected. It’s supposed to be a better year, a break from Covid-19. It’s been going to the complete opposite. At first, it was just Betty White dying at the beginning of the year, but then Queen Elizabeth died. A few days ago, an epic SRO officer saved kids from Central Elementary from a crazy driver. To top things off, monkey pox came to the U.S.

What is monkey pox?

Scientists have studied this rare disease, and they have come to a conclusion. Monkey pox may sound bad, but out of around 60,000 people, only 22 have died. Andrea McCollum, an epidemiologist, said, “certainly alarming, but not totally surprising” when she noticed the death rates.

How To Prevent It

They haven’t yet discovered a vaccine for monkey pox, but it’s possible a small pox vaccine can help. Other things you can do to prevent this include the following:

  • Stay away from the infected(ooh zombies)
  • If cooking animal meat, make sure it’s cooked thoroughly
  • WASH YOUR HANDS(You should be doing this anyways)
  • Don’t share your drinks or eating utensils
  • Wear a mask(I know, we’ve been through this before)


Monkey pox can be really painful and itchy, so watch out for these symptoms:

  • Rash
  • Fever
  • Exhaustion
  • Muscle aches
  • Headaches

There are many more, such as a normal cold(sore throat, cough, etc.), but at this rate, monkey pox may not stay. All I can tell you is to stay safe, and to pray you don’t catch it!