Behind the Curtain of Lies: Chapter Eight

Haeley Gibbs

(You’ve made it this far, but have you read the other chapters? Make sure you read those first!)

Bark! Bark! Bark! Grace was in her own little world, barking at squirrels as they teased her. Spring had finally arrived, yet my leg was still on the mend. The only thing I could do was sit in the living room and watch TV. Mom called it the ‘parlor’, but that’s only because Grandma said ‘That’s what it ought to be called’. I stretched with a yawn. “I’ve watched every channel! Why can’t Jacob come over?” Mom called back, “He’ll distract you and make your leg worse!” I scoffed and stared out the window. Grace was too distracted to cure my boredom.

A knock came at the door, and Mom opened it with pleasure. “I’m sorry, Jacob, but you can’t come in. Maybe next week.” I groaned once more. School was almost over, and I couldn’t see him due to my leg. I felt the hole covered by the bandages. Why hasn’t Jessie tried contacting me? I heave myself up and head towards the kitchen. “Darling, I told you if you needed anything to just ask.” I shook my head. “I can walk, Mom. You’re acting like a worry wart.” She sighed and let me grab a snack.

Without her looking, I limped towards my room and shut the door. Once it was locked, I opened the window. “I need a disguise.” I rummaged through the closet, looking for an extra pillow. Once I found what I needed, I propped them under the blanket in the form of a person. When I finished, I crept towards the window and jumped. I fell onto my back, barely scathed, and quickly got up. After dusting the dirt off my jeans, I reached over the windowsill and grabbed a water bottle. “Looks like we think alike.” I jerk around to see Alec standing, propped against a tree.

“I thought you were in jail!” I exclaimed. He shrugged and smirked. “The only way to catch me is to take my smarts.” This boy was very clever.  “You might as well be the next Harry Houdini.” I chuckled nervously, still hesitant. This was the boy that had killed people, but he was also strangely attractive. He took my hand. “Let me show you something.”