Behind the Curtain of Lies: Chapter Seven

Haeley Gibbs

“Is she alright? Get in there and save her!” Jacob was screaming at the doctors. They wore long, white coats and pale, blue shirts. Most were females. The only male looked to be about 40 or so. He must be the boss. I blinked wearily. My leg no longer ached, but I now had a humongous headache. I tried to speak, but it only came out as a quiet whisper. “How long have I been asleep?” I finally managed to ask. One of the doctors walked over and put a wet cloth over my leg and forehead.

“I’m glad to see you awake, but don’t rush yourself.” She said. I shake my head. “You didn’t answer her question, though.” I glance over at the navy, blue couch. Jessie is sitting and glaring at the woman. She raised her eyebrow. “She asked how long she’s been asleep.” She said sternly. “Well, almost two weeks. You’ll be fine though.” I scowled. She glanced at Jessie then left. “That girl isn’t the nicest.” Jessie told me. “She’s trying to get me to leave the room.” I chuckled to myself. Jessie heard and let out a smile. I looked out the window.

My mom was sitting on a bench while the doctors talked to her. Jacob is arguing, begging them to let him in. “Don’t worry about Alec, he’s in jail for another 3 years.” I sighed with a frown. “You know, he was a bit young. I don’t think they should’ve been that harsh.” Jessie just shrugged. “I tried to warn you that day. Benny died because we didn’t suspect sooner.” I sat up slowly and stared at her in disbelief. “Are you blaming me for his death!?” She thought about it. “I guess I am.” She muttered this and smirked.

“There is something wrong with you!” I laid down so I wouldn’t have to look at her. At this, she got up and went beside the bed. “Alec will be out soon. You’ll be back with your little ‘boyfriend’.” My eyes widened as she left the room. Jacob came in next, practically running towards the bed. He squeezed me tightly. I hugged him back but couldn’t bother to smile. He noticed the look on my face and looked at Jessie through the window. She was leaving the hospital, probably catching a ride with her grandma. I grumbled. “She’s been acting strange since you got shot.”

That’s when I noticed the rag had fallen off my head. My head began to throb. Jacob continued, “She might as well be a fake friend.” I nodded in agreement. “I have a feeling something isn’t right.” He pondered it and shrugged. Something was definitely wrong.