Behind the Curtain of Lies; Chapter Six

Haeley Gibbs

Chaos was everywhere. Police cars were parked all around the edge of the woods, and an ambulance was parked near the curb. Search dogs were on their way to see the body of Benny. He was way too young. “Why haven’t they found Alec yet? They’ve been here for 2 hours!” Jessie sighed. I shrugged and started to chew on my nails. We knew his secret, so of course we’d be his next victims. His father was standing on his porch, crying while a cop explained what was going on. That’s when the dogs started barking. Alec was making a run for the highway.

I jumped over the railing on my porch and ran. Some anger inside of me was controlling my every move. He had killed Benny, and those search dogs were farther from Alec than I was. I sprinted after Alec, dodging parked cars and news reporters. He was in the clearing, so he wouldn’t be able to hide behind trees. I was so close. “Millie! Stop!” Jacob was screaming across the clearing. I took a quick glance back at Jacob, then at Alec. He stood there in the middle of the street. I stopped. Alec was standing twenty feet away. Something was in his hand. A gun. I couldn’t control my legs. They sped towards him.

I grabbed him by the collar unexpectedly and yanked him down hard. The gun flew into the air and fired. Alec fell to the ground and collapsed beside me. The cops quickly ran over and pulled him up. I couldn’t tell what was going on. My leg was burning, and blood covered my hands as I grabbed the wound. A high pitched whistle rang in my ears. I had been shot. I fell, but I couldn’t gather to strength to get back up. I couldn’t focus on one object. The cops called over the ambulance just as I blacked out. Then, I heard nothing.