Mystical Wonders of Earth: Darvaza Gas Crater


Ava Bartley

Have you ever wondered about the mystical things about our world? Asked questions of how things were made or came into existence? Things like the Pyramids, Machu Picchu, or etc? Do you like fire? Have you ever heard of the Darvaza Gas Crater? That it is a hole constantly of fire? Well, I am here to tell you what it is and how it came to be.

Weather chaser decided to dive deeper into this gas crater

The Darvaza Gas Crater is a burning natural gas field that had collapsed into a cavern near Turkmenia. No one really knows how it started to burn, but some have made many theories. One of the popular theories was that Soviet geologists intentionally lit it on fire to stop the spread of methane gas. You can see how that played out. Even though it was only expected to burn for a couple of weeks. It instead went on to burn for around 50 years.