Behind the Curtain of Lies; Chapter Four

Haeley Gibbs



Alec groaned. “How much farther?” Jacob chuckled. None of us were exhausted except Alec. “Where you from anyway?” Jessie questioned. He shrugged coolly and trudged on. “Up North, near New York.” I glanced at Jessie. She was still playing the detective role. I watched a pair of chipmunks race up a tree. At least they didn’t have to deal with a suspicious friend and a city boy. We get to the end of the woods, the town clearly visible. “Looks like we went through the whole forest.” Jacob noted.

I smiled. “So who’s ready to go back?” Jessie plopped down. “Last time we stopped was hours ago. I’m not going anywhere!” I laughed to myself and sat down. Alec was the only one standing, but he didn’t look like he was about to take a break. I noticed there was a small twinkle in his eyes. “What are you thinking about, Alec?” Jessie stretched this out, making it sound like he really did do something wrong. He hesitated. “Nothing much.” The way he said it made it sound like he was one of the victims in a crime scene.

Jessie glared silently. I looked between the two of them. Jessie wasn’t handling this well. An idea popped into my head. “How about we play Truth or Dare?” Jacob shrugged and moved his body to face us. “I’ll go first. Truth or Dare… Jessie!” Jessie thought. “I choose Dare, Jacob!” she chuckled. I smiled. That should have stopped the tension between Jessie and Alec. He tells her to do the chicken dance in the middle of our circle, and of course she declines. “That’s not how you play.” Alec spoke up, still angry.

“Fine then, Truth or Dare?” I asked Alec, clearing my throat to warn Jessie. Jacob doesn’t notice the hint. “Dare, because I’m not a ‘chicken’.” Jessie rolled her eyes. We all knew that pun was intended, but it wasn’t funny. “I dare you to tell us your darkest secret.” Jessie interrupts. I stood up quickly. “Jessie, you’re going too far!” She shoved her hand over my mouth, shushing me. I tore it off as Alec balled his fists and told us his secret. His face is down as he finishes. We stand still, as if we’re frozen in place. Everyone is looking at the snow. Alec is the murderer.