Behind the Curtain of Lies; Chapter Three

Haeley Gibbs

Once we’re further into the woods, it starts to get quieter. Jessie starts picking up snow as we go along. “I wish everyday was like this.” Jacob said, breaking the silence. I breathed in the minty air. After about ten minutes, we hear a stream that hadn’t frozen over yet. Once the stream is visible, we stop and sit on the cold ground. It feels like a fairy tale. I put my hand in the water. It felt cool, and I so badly wanted to hop in. Jessie seemed to read my mind.

“It’s too cold to swim. You’ll get hypothermia for sure!” I laughed. “Then let’s go to the beach!” I said jokingly. We stared at Alec. He hadn’t spoken the whole way here. “We’re just playing around, Alec.” I said, noticing his glare. He shrugged and muttered under his breath. Jessie is soon lost in thought. “Earth to Jessie.” I giggled, knocking on her head gently. She shakes her head and gets up. I rise too and tell the boys to stay there. Jacob gives me a thumbs up, and I follow Jessie behind a birch tree.

“Alec is sort of suspicious.” She said, glancing around the tree. I peered around. Alec sat there beside Jacob, both his hands in the water. “I don’t see what’s wrong.” I tell her finally. She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. I shrugged and headed back. Before I could step out, I was jerked back. Jessie turned me around and her face was just inches from mine. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

I nervously chuckled, and she loosened her grip. Jacob stood and dusted the snowflakes off his jeans. “Are we ready to go?” I nodded and jumped across the stream. I landed with a big thump, and my mind wandered off. Why would Alec be the murderer? He was just a kid after all.