Fashion Repeats Itself

Fashion Repeats Itself

Sadie Fraser

From when your parents were children to now, fashion is always repeating itself. The 80’s and 90’s are coming back pretty quickly.

Platform shoes

Platform shoes are a mid 70’s trend and have came back into fashion. The brand Converse recently came out with more and they spiraled into the fashion world.

Baggy Jeans

I remember looking through family photo books and this is all my mom wore. Baggy jeans were a very big trend in the 80’s and they have came back. People have started wearing, wide-legged jeans, bell bottoms, and baggy jeans once again. I think this is the biggest proof of old fashion repeating.


Celebrities have recently brought back big bulky chains. However, chains like those started their popularity in the 1980’s, and popular Hip-Hop stars would wear those chains.

Claw Clips

Claw clips used to be a really big trend, they were the go to hair accessory¬† of the 90’s. But, now, I believe they are even more known and loved. If you look around anywhere now you will probably see someone wearing one.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats were very trendy among Rappers and Hip-Hop stars in the 1980’s. They are quickly coming back into fashion, everyone is wearing them! Even I have a bucket hat!