Be Yourself


Valerie Kirby

We have only been in school for three months, and some people are still trying to decide who they are and who they want to be. In middle school, students tend to behave like other people because they want to fit in. These people may try to stand out by following trends or behavior that well-liked kids do just so they can be liked as well. To be completely honest though, this is a trap!

It’s easy to fall into this trap during middle school because it’s a hard transition for many students. It’s a time in these young students’ lives in which they are growing, changing, and dealing with many insecurities. Some are afraid of being made fun of or being laughed at, so they adapt to the latest trends to fit in with their peers.

For example, in 2019 the “VCSO girl trend” began. Your starter pack may include things like hydro flasks, scrunchies, and long, baggy tee shirts.


I’m here to tell you though that in the end, none of those things will matter. The only important thing is that you remain true to who you are because you will only be happy when you are being yourself. If you don’t like scrunchies, hydro flasks, and long, baggy tee shirts like the new VSCO girl trend, don’t wear them. If you don’t like the new music and silly viral dances, don’t listen to it and act like you do.

Do what makes you happy and feel like the best version of yourself. If you are being made fun of or if you’re feeling left out, just remember that the people who are making fun of you are probably struggling with their own insecurities; the people who truly love you will always make you feel safe to be who you truly are!

Just be yourself. There is no one better!