MCJH is Hooked on Halloween


Marley Skahl

Once again, Halloween struck the hearts of everyone who celebrates it! Down the halls of MCJH, the students looked forward to spine-chilling activities and had fun-filled day. The day began with everyone admiring each other’s costumes in the hallway before classes began. It’s always so fun to see what everyone comes up with. No matter how elaborate or simple the costume is, it’s just great to do something out of the ordinary and come together as a school to have fun!

Teachers know how to have fun, too! Students aren’t the only ones who enjoy this holiday. 8th grade English teachers, Natalie Kirby and Amber Claywell, were patrolling the halls as usual as the Grammar Police. On Halloween, they just looked the part!

8th grade math teacher, Tara Haehl, and her paraprofessional, Amy Chandler, joined fun group of 8th grade girls VSCO girls! I oop! Sksksksksk.

(Left to right: KK Ballou, Laura Bray, Cheney Smith, Mrs. Chandler, Mrs. Haehl, Oliviah Ghazi, Sidne Morgan, and Lanna Kittrell)

Another great teacher costume group was the cast of Stranger Things. Mr. Joey Wilkerson, Mrs. Katie Terry, Mrs. Terri Pardue, and Mr. Daniel Griggs nailed it, don’t you think?

Along with dressing in costume, a lot of teachers created their own classroom fun. Some teachers watched movies with their classes, some played Halloween music as they continued a regular day of class, and some even played Halloween-related games.

Pictured above are 8th grade students enjoying a movie in Mrs. Kirby’s classroom and savoring a reward day from all their hard work!

During rotation, students had the opportunity to enjoy the annual Halloween Bash, here, they enjoyed dancing to music, eating snacks from the concession stand, and hanging out with friends in the gym. In the picture below,  is the students enjoy the perfect time of the year to spook each other!

Here is a gallery of spooky, funny, and creative costumes! Click the gallery to see if you can find your picture or spot one of your favorite costumes of the day. Once you’ve seen all the pictures from this article, tell us below which ones are your favorites!