The NFL Draft

An American Football on White

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An American Football on White

Brody Gregory, MCJH Sports Editor

As you know, the NFL draft is starting, and there has been some crazy trades going on. Tyreek Hill went to the Miami Dolphins, and Tom Brady is thinking about going to that team as well. I think this is crazy, and if this happens with Brady, they will probably be the best team in the league. If you like the Tennessee Titans or another team, this is not a good thing.

And for everyone who likes the Titans, they have lost some good players, but thankfully not Derrick Henry. However, we have lost Julio Jones. Yes, he was super good, but the Titans have a smart coach, and he will pick good players to fill in when or if we lose another player. I think that they will be a very good team this season. I can not wait to see how this draft turns out.