2021-2022 MCJH Superlatives

2021-2022 MCJH Superlatives

Allie Kate Austin, School Clubs Editor

Class Superlatives have been voted for for the 2021-2022 school year by the Macon County Junior High student body. Here are this year’s superlatives:


Xavier Sircy and Jazzlyn Centers voted 6th Grade Class Representatives

Jude Hakes and Lorlei Clayborne voted 7th Grade Class Representatives

Chase Keene and Alethia Weeks voted Kindest Heart

Heath Willbanks and Megan Cothron voted Most Likely to Succeed

Logan Tirjan and Macy Turner voted Wittiest

Aiden Faulkner and Arissa Newberry voted Most Talented

Jolee Oliver and Ashton Hauskins voted Best Personality

Matthew Wheeley and Jessica Romero voted Best Athlete

Angelo Lazarou and Katie Branham voted Best All Around


I interviewed a few of the superlatives, and here are their responses:


Jazzlyn Centers, 6th Grade Representative

Question – Were you expecting to be voted class representative?

Answer –  I was not expecting it.


Matthew Wheeley, Best Athlete

Question – What sports do you play, and which is your favorite and why?

Answer – I play football, baseball, and basketball, and football is my favorite.


Chase Keene, Kindest Heart

Question – Why do you think you were voted kindest heart?

Answer – I think I got it because I take time to talk to many people.


Ashton Hauskins, Best Personality

Question – What is your best quality?

Answer – My best quality that others would agree with is I am funny.


Macy Turner, Wittiest

Question – Can you tell me a funny joke?

Answer – Did you hear about the Italian chef who died? He pasta-way.


Katie Branham, Best All Around

Question – Getting Best All Around is quite an honoring achievement. What do you have to say to your 8th-grade peers?

Answer – I just want to say that I’m so very grateful to everyone who thought about me when voting for representatives. It means so much to me that so many people think of me when finding someone to meet the requirements for such an honoring role.