Indoor Winter Percussion 2022

Indoor Winter Percussion 2022

Ben Hall, Editor

This past indoor season for the MCHS Percussion was quite a rough season, but also a quite rewarding one. The instructors started out hyped for the season, but quit right after the first competition because they were called out for not getting everything done! On that downside, however, the show, “Who Am I In The Eyes of Others,” centered around late artist Vincent Van Gogh, has begun to thrive. The music in this show is centered around the movie Loving Vincent, which has some of the most beautiful music ever, but really is not the best movie if you ever watch it.

Some of our own Jr. High members were also in Indoor, including 7th-graders Brenton Reece, Sophia Boxold, and Maddison Jenkins; along with 8th-graders Aaylah Gibson, Mason Brawner, Olivia Restivo, Ben Hall, Arissa Newberry, and Aidan Faulkner.

Competition 1: Wilson Central High School, (Lebanon, TN)

This is the first competition percussion was able to go to. At this point they were only able to put on the first part, or movement, of the show, out of roughly 4 parts. They placed tenth place out of ten bands in their group. Between the aftermath of this competition and the next rehearsal, the instructors quit in the most unprofessional way possible. After this incident, however, the band began coming a long way.

Competition 2: (CHAMPIONSHIPS) Columbia Central High School (Columbia, TN)

On 3/26/22, percussion traveled to Columbia, TN for one of our championship competitions. This time, they were able to put on our full show. We placed sixth out of seven, beating Lawrence County. This competition was a huge success for everyone.

Competition 3: (CHAMPIONSHIPS) Mt. Juliet High School (Mt. Juliet, TN)

This past Saturday, percussion traveled to Mt. Juliet High School for another state championship competition. This was by far the best show they had put on, resulting in 11th place out of fourteen bands competing. Now that may be a lower placing for most people, but with the hardship this group faced, they had a right to be proud of themselves.

In the end despite the many, many faults, the 2022 indoor percussion season was a huge success. They may not have got many rewards for high placings, overcoming all of these issues was the true accomplishment. The only ones that quit and gave up on the season were the two instructors, while all of the students working on the show persevered through it.