Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert

Shyla Goodchild, Staff writer

Miranda Lambert was born in Texas, on November 10, 1983. She recently turned 37.

A sad fact about Miranda Lambert is that she experienced homelessness as a child. When her parents’ private investigation business faltered, the family was forced to relocate to a quaint farmhouse on her uncle’s property. It needed a lot of help, but the family worked hard to make it livable. Eventually, this property inspired Lambert’s delivery of hit song “The House That Built Me.”

Lambert recorded her first demo at 16-years-old but, she felt the songs selected for her were too much pop for her liking. This experience prompted a frustrated Lambert to learn guitar from her father and pen her own tunes.

A fun fact about Miranda is that she has 20 animals and counting. She has amassed a menagerie of furry friends, including eight dogs, five cats, five horses, and two rabbits.

Miranda Lambert’s musical tastes are diverse. In addition to her country faves, she loves jamming to rock bands Jet and Audioslave, as well as female vocal powerhouses Mariah Carey and Beyoncé.

Miranda’s biggest hit was “White Liar.” She wrote this song because when Lambert and her friend, Natalie Hemby, sat down to write a song, they knew this combination of sound would make the song a country hit. The song, as well as the story in the music video, is about a woman calling out her fiance on their wedding day for cheating, but, it is shown that she has been cheating too, and with the best man of the wedding.