Tigerettes Softball Preview


Allie Kate Austin, School Clubs Editor

Softball season is coming up, and the MCJH Tigerettes are sure to be better than ever this year. Coach Johnny Price, the new head coach, and his assistants have worked the girls hard to help them improve and reach their full potential.

Ariana Jonas, a 7th-grade athlete who has played MCJH softball since 6th grade, notes one of the team’s weaknesses is their confidence, but it is improving. Though some have little confidence in themselves, the girls are always confident in each other and never hesitate to lift each other up, especially the leaders, Ariana mentions.

This year’s team is coached by head coach Johnny Price and assistant coaches Tabitha Centers, Lucas Tirjan, and Patrick Coley. Here is the roster for the 2022 MCJH Softball Team:

Carleigh Rose #00

Sarah Price #1

Makenzie Bandy #2

Emma Farley #3

Alisabeth Delgado #5

Maysi Patterson #6

Sierra Troutt #7

Maggie Kelley #8

Alexis Pedigo #9

Ashley Hackett #10

Anniston Tirjan #11

Ryleigh Coley #13

Jazzlyn Centers #14

Chloe Neely #17

Ariana Jones #21

Gracie Leftrick #24

Elizabeth Gregory #25

Kayli Aulick #35


The Tigerettes played in a pre-season playday at Smith County recently. The first game, which the varsity lost  to with a score of 5-8, was against Gladeville, . The junior varsity played Watertown and suffered a loss as well, but the varsity came back and beat Gordonsville 12-3.

So far, the baseball team has had a pretty big crowd and student body at their games. Students are encouraged to come out and support the Tigerettes softball team as well!