Approaching The End


Getty Images/iStockphoto

A road sign announcing the finish line just ahead

Emerson Hubbard, Current News Editor

As we all know, it is near the end of the school year. Some people have absolutely loved this year, whereas others have not liked it as much. It has been a good year in my personal opinion, so this story is about how close we are to it, along how far we have come.

The MCJH Football team is getting ready to go outside and start contact practice, when just weeks ago they were stuck in an indoor facility. The Baseball team has started playing and they are doing really well for having a few 6th graders which was quite unanticipated. The Boys Basketball team has started practice again, while the girls team is holding tryouts soon.

The school has also come very far since the beginning of the year. The 6th Grade got brand-new lockers and desks in their new wing earlier in the year, showing that the school has come so far since the start of this year. Come to think of it, the last day is May 26th! During the last two months, we just have TCAP and other activities, including a bowling trip! Let’s just get these tests out of the way first…

The school clubs have also come very far, as well. Newspaper and Yearbook have had to work through all the snow days and other reasons we have been out to get stories out for you, and the yearbook staff is getting ready for the end of the year. The Beta Club got some new members and is working harder then ever. Interact has also put in so much time and effort that is now paying off with a trip to Ralfie’s after the bowling trips. The Science Club has also made some cool projects, and even put on a show for anyone who wanted to attend.

In summary, this has been a very good year, so let’s push through these last couple of months together!