Happy SRO Appreciation Day, Mr. Carter!

Happy SRO Appreciation Day, Mr. Carter!

Allie Kate Austin, School Clubs Editor

February 15th was National School Resource Officer (SRO) Appreciation Day. Macon County Junior High School’s SRO, Brian Carter, does a lot for the school. He guarantees protection and fun for everyone at the jr. high.

Mr. Carter says being a police officer was a childhood ambition. He worked at MCJH from 2000 until 2004 and then worked as an SRO at Red Boiling Springs until 2011. He returned to MCJH and has worked there for 11 years straight.

Like any job, being an SRO has its hard moments. Mr. Carter says the most difficult part of his job is telling a student someone in their family has passed. However, his career can be entertaining, too. His favorite part about working at the jr. high is helping out and aggravating kids. The craziest thing he has experienced in his career is seeing the Tigerettes qualify for the TMSAA Final Four during the 2020-2021 basketball season.

One fun fact about Mr. Carter is if he could choose any other occupation, he would be a firefighter. Also, in his free time, he enjoys fishing.

After this school year, Mr. Carter is retiring. He will miss working at MCJH. Thank you, Mr. Carter, for all you do!