Mini Macon Mob

Mini Macon Mob

Allie Kate Austin, School Clubs Editor

Both MCJHS girls’ and boys’ basketball seasons are over. There were some awesome wins and some heartbreaking losses for both teams, but if there’s anything that kept the athletes going, it was their student body: the Jr. Macon Mob.

It all started at one of the area tournament games for the Tigers and Tigerettes. The Macon County High School girls’ basketball team decided to attend the game to support the MCJH teams. They showed up wearing the players’ jerseys and even made posters for the players. At the end of the tournament, the 5th-place Tigers, sadly, were unable to move on. Fortunately, the Tigerettes placed 2nd and moved on to the first round of sectionals against Ellis. Everyone—even the defeated boys’ team—was so pumped that they decided to create the Mini Macon Mob, which was named after the MCHS student body, the Macon Mob.

The Mini Macon Mob went all out for the games. They came up with fun dress-up themes for each game. At the last home game against Ellis, Mini Macon Mob dressed white out. Some guys even painted themselves! They made the environment difficult for Macon’s opponents to play in, and sure enough, the Tigerettes gained their first big sectional victory. For the next game, MCJH principal Mr. Jamie Kelley purchased a pep bus for the mob to travel to the next game against Richview. The theme for that game was tropical, and in the Macon student section, it looked like everyone had come from Hawaii! After another huge win, for the last game, Macon County against T.W. Hunter, the mob wore neon clothes, and though the Tigerettes battled a heartbreaking loss, Macon Mob supported the girls until the final buzzer.

Jake Meador, an MCJHS 7th-grade basketball player who participated in the Mini Macon Mob, said his favorite part of being in the mob was dressing up to the themes for each game. He says next year’s mob members are expected to support their team like never before and have loads of fun. Vanessa Kirby, a starter for the Tigerettes, says the mob made playing more exciting and helped her play better, and other basketball players agree.

Overall, the Mini Macon Mob greatly impacted the tournaments for the Tigers and Tigerettes. The athletes were encouraged by the effort and support the mob gave. Supporters are looking forward to participating in the mob again next year, and surely, it will be better than ever before.