An Unfortunate Ending to an Amazing Season


Maggie Kelley, Sports Editor

As well all may know by now, the MCJH Tigerettes basketball season has come to an end, but they definitely made their mark. They truly had an amazing season.

Having 2 eighth-graders, 1 sixth-grader, and 9 seventh-graders, most of the time playing against girls who definitely had an advantage of experience over them was quite a challenge. However, the Tigerettes managed to pull through and win most of their games.

After placing second in the Area 11 Tournament, the Tigerettes qualified to move on to the sectional tournament. After practicing and preparing for the game, they were finally ready to play the Ellis Cougars.

With the help of the student body and Macon County fan base, an incredible atmosphere formed inside of the MCJH gym, making the girls more motivated than ever to win the game. After going back and forth the entire game, the Tigerettes were able to make some free throws to put themselves up by 4 with 5.3 seconds left. After Ellis’ failed 3 point attempt at the last second, the Tigerettes pulled out a win most will remember for the rest of their lives. They would now move on to the second round of the sectionals versus Richview.

On the day of the game, the student section dressed out in a Hawaiian theme. At around 12:30, the Tigerettes had a pep walk around the school before getting onto the bus to head out for the game. Along with their bus, there was another pep bus full of excited Macon County students ready to cheer on their school.

The Richview game was a shut-out and there was not a single moment where the Tigerettes were losing. After the game, the girls were informed that they would be playing a team they lost to earlier on in the season, the T.W Hunter Buccaneers.

On Saturday, the Tigerettes were on their way to play the Buccs. They arrived early to get themselves prepared for the game. The girls fought hard the entire game, and the student section was cheering with all they had, but unfortunately, the girls couldn’t pull it off. The loss ended their season, placing 15th in the Sectional Tournament.

Although they didn’t win it all, for a bunch of junior high basketball players who barely touched the floor last year, they put on an outstanding performance for the season overall. Win or loss, they never failed to show their Tiger Pride.