Poet Review: Edgar Allen Poe


Sophia Boxold, Creative Writing Editor

Edgar Allen Poe was an amazing poet of his time, with his gothic poems coming from his tragic backstory. All of his poems are my favorite, but his poem, The Raven, is my favorite out of all the others, besides my own.

Normally, Poe’s poems are all very long and are sometimes hard to understand. I like to read his poems in my free time, and I like to confuse my friends with his confusing words and phrases. He has a plethora of poems, ranging from The Raven to Annabell Lee, and everything in between. All of his poems have meaning and once you figure the meaning out, you’ll enjoy it more. I highly recommend his poems and they still live on, even if he didn’t. He was an amazing poet, and if he was alive today, I feel as if he would make much more modern poems.

I, along with a few other students, enjoy Poe’s complicated poems. I’m also positive that there is a poem for you, and if not, you can always read mine on this site. I hope that you will read some of his amazing poems and enjoy them just as much I do. I hope you have an amazing day!