Poem of the Week: Songs and Music


Sophia Boxold, Creative Corner Editor

Songs and Music

A different reality

Songs are so amazing

with all their clever words and phrases

Music is the same way

It can make anyone say “hooray”

But for me

They are my escape from reality

When I hear music or songs

I just want to sing along

It takes me to a different world

And makes me feel like I’ve earned

All this peace and relaxation

Instead of pressure and stressful concentration

I use music to connect

With my emotions that I normally reject

I play music while reading

So the silence doesn’t get to me

I’ll use it to escape an awkward situation

And pretend I’m lost in my imagination

I listen to music while I’m sad

And when I’m mad

I listen to it when I’m happy

And when I’m very sassy

I enjoy songs and music while I’m in a mood

And I hope you do too