How To Show More Appreciation Towards Substitutes


Nevaeh Thomas


There is a major problem within many school systems. This problem is concerning substitutes and how the students take complete advantage of them. People don’t think about the fact subs come in and take over teachers’ classes and get paid very little for this huge job. These men and women come in having no idea what to expect out of these classes. Some classes can be calm and actually obey the sub without causing problems, however, others can be disruptive, and students will even tell the sub they are allowed to do something that the teacher normally would not let them do. This can result in the subs being fired because of being misled by his or her students.

No one deserves to be fired from their jobs because of being misled by students. A lot of subs quit their jobs because they just simply can’t handle some of the student’s behaviors and the noise.  Students need to think about how hard it is for them, and how nervous they must be to come into a random class not knowing what to expect. Next time when or if you go to disrespect a substitute or give them a hard time, think about what they went through just to come and stand in your teacher’s place.