Updates on Basketball at MCJH


Jadyn Presley, School News Editor

Our girls and boys have played an amazing year. But the boys called it an end on Saturday, January 22. The boys were in, but for them to go any further they had to win both of their games, which they were so close and played their hearts out. They have tried all year to make it this far, and we are all so proud of the basketball boys and how far they have come. Throughout this year, there has been a lot of people getting quarantined, some of them had to miss games, and all sorts of other crazy things, but they still managed to be a really good team. They were in the top 3 which is amazing. We couldn’t ask for a better basketball team this year.

On the other hand, the girls got to play one more game because they lost just one game in their rounds. The girls got 1st and played their hearts out even though we lost some games. Our girls tried their hardest every day on the court. So we are very proud of them.

By far, our girls and boys have played so well this year. It is going to hurt saying goodbye to all the girls below us, but thank you all for coming out to support us through our season, including the cheerleaders and the band. Thanks for a good season!