Showcase of Stars

Showcase of Stars

Allie Kate Austin, School Clubs Editor

Did you know Lafayette, TN, has its own dance studio and competitive dance team? Showcase of Stars offers many kinds of dance such as clogging, ballet, hip-hop, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary dance. This studio is a great place for dancers of all ages.

Showcase of Stars didn’t originate in Lafayette. In fact, the studio has been run by generations of family and came all the way from Georgia!

Kayla Murphy, director and instructor of Showcase of Stars

“My mama and I opened the dance studio in Lafayette in 2018,” says Kayla Murphy, owner and instructor of Showcase of Stars. “It was originally my grandmother’s studio in Georgia. When she passed away, nobody kept it open. So I reopened it for her when I moved to Lafayette!”

Starting in February of each year, members of Showcase of Stars compete in many competitions in lots of places. They have one regional competition each month from February until July, when they have nationals. According to Mrs. Kayla, the team has excelled at these competitions. She states, “Our girls have placed 1st in several categories at most of our competitions we attended. Our Shooting Star group [elementary-aged dancers] was undefeated and won nationals last year and a scholarship to a convention in Disney…I have 2 seniors who do a duet, and they were undefeated [in 2020] as well!”

In 2020, these high school dancers were undefeated!

Mrs. Kayla Murphy says teaches the “sweetest souls” who all motivate her to coach to the best of her ability. They pray with each other before they compete, and according to Mrs. Kayla, they even cheer for strangers dancing at competitions! She is proud to point out that her older girls are role models to the younger ones. 

In conclusion, dancers at Showcase of Stars are motivated to be their best. They have an awesome coach who is loving and proud. This upcoming dance season, they will be better than ever.