MCJH Drama Club


Allie Kate Austin, School Clubs Editor

MCJH has its own theatre club! The actors and actresses of the MCJH Drama Club have been working hard to reach their ability and to be able to put on a spectacular show. Mrs. Natalie Kirby and Mrs. Tina Gregory do a great job teaching these performers how to be successful at what they do.

During RTI, the club progresses every day. Students practice on stage while others rehearse their lines, according to Mrs. Kirby. She says her favorite part about the group of students she is working with this year is the progress they make so they can have their moment to shine in front of the school. Their goal this year is to be able to put on a show that everyone will enjoy!

8th-grade student Emma Creek is a young actress who loves Drama Club because she gets to perform with her friends. However, she says the only part she doesn’t enjoy is the anxiety she has while waiting for the announcement of her part. Megan Cothron, who is also an actress, says as a drama student this year, she hopes she will accomplish putting on an amazing play for MCJH to enjoy.

These determined thespians are sure to have a wonderful show. They advance day by day and love what they do. Hard-working and willing 7th-grade students who want to join Drama are welcome to audition next year!