The 6th Grade Has Lockers


Emerson Hubbard, Current News Editor

The new 6th grade lockers are finally here! 6th grade got lockers in on November 29, 2021. They have been set up and look amazing! They are the color grey (which is not the color of the locker in the 7th and 8th-grade halls). They are nice and better for 6th-graders’ backs. They are so nice and cool! Despite the fact that the workers have also been working hard and late, it was worth it because these lockers look and can hold our bags, binders, and books perfectly! We can get our bags before the bell easier as well and put them back up in our 6th period.

Maybe the school may continue to get new things and upgrade our school, and the other grades could get something new as well. As for me writing, it has been over three months since we got them. We enjoy them so much because they are very nice, and we also found a trick to flip your locker shelf onto the coat hooks to have to bottom. So it hangs and we use the bottom for other things. We appreciate getting them and we love them!

Seems like these lockers are pretty cool. Anyways, 6th-graders of MCJH, feel free to comment your opinion on these lockers!